Creating Sustainable New Business Models

Response to climate change requires a multitude of stakeholders across the value chain to come together. Within this highly intertwined interaction, the creation of sustainable new business models can bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to address the challenges posed by climate change. By venturing into unexplored and innovative regions within the Blue Ocean Bio-industry, communities can establish novel enterprises that capitalise on the untapped potential of marine resources.

This industry not only opens avenues for entrepreneurial ventures but also stimulates the emergence of niche markets by utilising by-products and wastes from the fishing industry in communities, thereby diversifying and ensuring the survival of the local business landscape. The sustainable business canvas model based on Blue Ocean Bio Sector, with its emphasis on sustainable practices, provides not only a solid foundation for new businesses but also aligns economic prosperity with environmental stewardship.

The UiA team aims to assist varied stakeholders in the regions to actively engage with and invest in this sector. By doing so, communities not only cultivate a thriving entrepreneurial spirit but also contribute to the overall resilience and vitality of the local business ecosystem. In essence, the Blue Ocean Bio Industry becomes a dynamic force for nurturing and sustaining the growth of new businesses within local communities.

Soogand Golsorkhi