BlueRev launches the new e-learning support tool!

September started with an important milestone for BlueRev, one year after the project beginning the consortium proudly announces the launch of the new e-learning Support Tool.

Featuring an intuitive and user-friendly interface, BlueRev support tool offers a seamless and interactive experience that caters both beginners and experts in the blue bio-based sector and facilitates cross-sector collaborations among stakeholders. This platform is designed to both showcase the results and new solutions developed by the project, as well as allow the user to participate in training courses, webinars, and discussion forums about the blue bio-based sector throughout Europe, more specifically in the three BlueRev pilot regions: Denmark&Greenland, Italy, and Estonia.

The BlueRev Support Tool will be launched in 4 different stages. For the time being the users can register in the platform, start creating their profile and choose specific settings. The users will have access to the homepage, training courses and a calendar in which they can create events and see the upcoming webinars. Shortly after this first launch the Community Feed will allow users to interact with each other, send direct messages, choose discussions topics, and even share documents within the discussion forums. The last two stages, the E-library and the Training courses will allow access to exclusive materials like factsheets, infographics, best practices, multimedia content and allow users to register, download and attend training courses webinars, both available in live and recorded formats. Each training course and webinar will allow a discussion forum where the participants may interact with other users (both participants and lectures), ask questions, cross-examine facts and opinions.

“BlueRev Support Tool will be a digital bridge connecting innovation and collaboration, housing the collective wisdom of our journey. It’s more than a space; it’s a beacon illuminating the path of progress in the blue bio-based economy. Here, we unite, we educate, and we empower, as we unlock the doors to shared knowledge and cross-sector collaborations, ensuring that the brilliance of our new solutions shines brightly for all”, said Alessio Spera, from BlueRev coordination team.

This important milestone will be an essential tool for achieving BlueRev’s main mission and act as an open space for cross-collaboration, to share and develop community knowledge and ultimately revitalise the blue bio-based economy.

Dive with us in our new adventure and discover BlueRev Support Tool at:

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Joana Oliveira