DFBG: Moving ahead with confidence in BlueRev

The District of Fishery COSVAP (DFBG) within the project BLUEREV financed with the European program HORIZON continues its path.
Several activities took place in May, including two important meetings.

The first aimed at the monthly periodic comparison between the partners of the project that in their interlocutions can produce a profitable moment of comparison aimed at transferring and updating the partners on the progress of the project and to address and intervene on any criticality that may be found.

Another important meeting was held last week in order to start the preparatory phase of the next COSVAP (DFBG) field activities related to work packages number 3 and number 4 to be implemented in the near future.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Francesco FORACI for COSVAP (DFBG), Dr Concetta Maria MESSINA for the DiSTEM of the University of Palermo (UNIPA), and Dr Ilaria BIENTINESI for the project coordinator Agency for European Research (APRE).
Soon there will be new meetings for the definition of the activity detail.