NIBIO Shines at the 1st Mission Arena: Pioneering the Blue Bioeconomy

The 1st Mission Arena, dedicated to charting a course towards a sustainable Blue Bioeconomy, featured prominent contributions from the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO), a partner in BlueRev project. In this article we discuss the insights and findings presented by NIBIO’s researcher Dr. Giovanna Ottaviani Aalmo, Head of Department Johan Johansen, and master student Agnes Isabella Dorich, highlighting the interdisciplinary approach and innovative strategies proposed for advancing the Blue Bioeconomy.

Dr. Ottaviani Aalmo: Leading the Charge in Co-Creation

Dr. Ottaviani Aalmo presented the BlueRev Danish and Estonian case studies in the “Co-creating the Blue Bioeconomy in Regions through Valorisation” session. This session, a collaboration between BlueRev and BlueBioClusters, focused on the development of blue regions by initiating innovative value chains and underlining their ecosystemic, social, and economic benefits. Key recommendations were made to foster sustainable regional development within the designated focus area of the Arena. The most pressing issues highlighted were related to an aging workforce, workforce mobility, and shortages.


Advancing Social Innovation in the Blue Bioeconomy

Dr. Ottaviani Aalmo also took center stage in the session “Skills: what kind of upskilling is needed for the Blue Bioeconomy – How to attract people to the Blue Economy?” Here, she emphasized the crucial role of research, particularly in social innovation assessment, to identify inclusive solutions for the complex challenges in the fishing and seafood processing industry, referencing the BlueRev cases of Greenland and Denmark.


Agnes Isabella Dorich: A Student’s Perspective on Upskilling

Master Student Agnes Isabella Dorich contributed significantly with her presentation “Mastering the Blue Bioeconomy: A Graduate Student’s Insight on Upskilling.” She provided a blueprint for her peers on how to embrace innovation and develop key skills driving progress in the Blue Bioeconomy, including interdisciplinary knowledge, technological proficiency, and entrepreneurial leadership.


Johan Johansen: Bridging Bioeconomy Sectors

Head of Department Johan Johansen presented his research in the session “Creating better links between the different bioeconomy sectors.” He highlighted that the bioeconomy is inherently cross-sectoral, emphasizing the need to move beyond old demarcations between green and blue sectors. Johansen pointed out that emerging value chains should valorize biomasses and side streams from all primary production systems. This approach is aimed at increasing volumes and revenues while overcoming traditional challenges such as seasonality. He also underscored the importance of the regulatory sector and consumer awareness and acceptance studies in facilitating and accelerating the implementation of new business models.


NIBIO’s Integral Role in Shaping the Blue Bioeconomy

The 1st Mission Arena served as a testament to NIBIO’s vital role in advancing the Blue Bioeconomy. The presentations and insights provided by Dr. Ottaviani Aalmo, Agnes Isabella Dorich, and Johan Johansen not only highlighted the current challenges but also paved the way for innovative and sustainable solutions. Their contributions emphasized the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration, social innovation, and the need for a comprehensive approach to upskilling, all essential in steering the Blue Bioeconomy towards a more sustainable and profitable future.

Dr. Giovanna Ottaviani Aalmo