University of Palermo

The University of Palermo team, belonging to the Department of Earth and Sea Sciences-DiSTeM- has coordinated more than 50 projects in the bluegrowth domain and has developed strategies to develop marine biobased products to support circular economy pathways Members of UNIPA team are part of the PhD school in marine sciences, coordinate a specific project on valorization of marine by-products, and in teaching in international master courses. The same group has a strong interconnection with local and international stakeholders of the blue supply chains.
UNIPA team is currently leading the European Society of Marine Biotechnology (ESMB) until the 2024 and is currently involved in other European projects related to blue economy: ENGAGE4BIO (Horizon Europe), FORTHEM (European University Alliance, Erasmus call) Mediet4All (call PRIMA 2022), ARIBIOTECH (ENI Ita-Tun) and in National and Regional projects which share some of the challenges and goals of BlueRev, providing opportunities for mutual exchanges and new collaborations.

Role in the project:

South pilot case, to be completed

In the Italian pilot, UNIPA will transfer strategies and technologies to valorise marine by-products from fish processing, thanks to its expertise on extraction of bioactive compounds (omega-3 enriched fish oils, antioxidants and active peptides) with green and innovative technologies (SFEs, SPD, etc,), suggesting industrial applications to support circular economy pathways.UNIPA, engaging research bodies, public and private institutions, credit institutions and businesses



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Concetta Maria Messina
Scientific coordinator for UNIPA