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Estonia is a country by the Baltic Sea with the largest island Saaremaa. Saaremaa has a growing blue economy potential that is based on its history of maritime industries and coastal resources including fishing, maritime technology, coastal tourism, and aquaculture. Estonia is known for its novel solutions in digitalisation, has a highly educated workforce and a strong innovation culture. With the government support the sustainable blue economy is important for the regional economy, providing opportunities to sustain the rural life.

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Despite the long history in traditional maritime activities the development of blue economy in Saaremaa faces certain challenges that include:

Challenge 1 - (Awareness)
Lack of awareness of the blue bioeconomy as a concept in society.
The potential of blue bioresources have been underutilized in the Saaremaa region.
Vision and regulation
The lack of a common vision for the blue bioeconomy. Various national strategies should address the blue bioeconomy and the regional approach for Estonian bioresources in a more coherent manner.
Investments and market
Lack of infrastructure. Limited ability to develop and bring niche products to export markets.
Limited effective collaboration between the government, researchers and other stakeholders.

Key supporters

Blue bioeconomy in the regional level can only be fostered by the collaboration and support of all interested stakeholders that include: