UNIPA partner of the Living lab SMART

University of Palermo, thanks to its close collaboration with stakeholders of the blue economy sector, is part of the Living Lab for the innovation and environmental sustainability of food production from aquatic organisms in Sicily, the “Living Lab Smart”, that represents an output of the project INNOVITTICA, funded by the Sicilian Regional Government’s Department of Agriculture, Rural Development and Mediterranean Fisheries.

The living lab is a very interesting model, that allows a capitalization of the results obtained from industrial research, guaranteeing the immediate transfer of the innovative products and processes developed to the production. The goal of the Living lab Smart is to build an Open Innovation Environment, in which innovative solutions, product and process innovations will be co-created, co-designed, explored, demonstrated and evaluated in a real production environment, generating direct and immediate results, and leading to an increase in the competitiveness of Sicilian companies belonging to the blue value chains. The Living lab Smart activities include training, animation, technology transfer and the promotion and dissemination of co-created innovative processes and products.

Concetta Messina