Welcome to BlueRev!

BlueRev aims to select a range of systems in the blue bio-based sector in 3 different pilot regions throughout Europe, i.e. Denmark, Italy and Estonia (pilot regions), to tailor value chains, from valorisation of co-products as feedstock to processing/conversion to final products, in order to revitalise local communities, both in a territorial and social sense and contribute to positive environmental and social impacts.

The project will analyse these value chains according to social, economic and environmental barriers and potentialities, business models, local capacities such as feedstocks, infrastructure, human skills, etc., innovation actors, including community knowledge and marginalised groups, by using existing or improved monitoring system and indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of the value chains. The proposal will also analyse the existing governance framework and how it can be improved.
The analysis will serve BlueRev to develop or replicate new governance and business models allowing the transition towards socially and environmentally responsible behaviour within all ranges (e.g. regulatory measures, corporate responsibility initiatives, education), to enable sufficient impacts and performances of the specific value chains and to allow replication across Europe.
In doing that BlueRev will ensure an efficient engagement of all actors, including local and regional authorities, primary biomass producers, SMEs, civil society organisations including NGOs, knowledge providers, community knowledge and marginalised groups via robust and transparent communication and awareness-raising campaigns.

Alexandros Koukovinis