Co-creation Workshops with Stakeholders

The UiA team is thrilled to lead the creation of sustainable new business models in WP.4 within the BlueRev project. Currently, we’re actively organizing co-creation workshops in our pilot regions as part of this phase. These workshops aim to directly engage with stakeholders, particularly industry participants, to uncover opportunities for developing sustainable new business models along the identified value chains. Drawing from our extensive expertise and knowledge gained through involvement in similar business creation ventures within the Norwegian regions, the UiA team is well-prepared to contribute significantly to this project phase.
The data gathered from these workshops plays a crucial role in fulfilling the requirements of our upcoming deliverables and in crafting best practice guidelines for the regions. Our foremost goal is to establish best practice guidelines learned from the pilot regions, thereby facilitating the creation of sustainable new business models that drive the revitalization and growth of local communities. This is achieved by fostering skill development, implementing improved governance models, and adopting innovative approaches to address social issues, all through the collaboration of stakeholders within these communities. We aim for these guidelines to serve as a blueprint that can be replicated beyond the pilot regions, benefiting communities far beyond the initial scope of BlueRev project.
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